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Women with prams

Posted in Uncategorized by bandsxbass on March 12, 2008
inglesina_classica_pram_marina.jpgWomen with prams really hack me off. They just launch out in to the road, baby first and expect the world to stop for them. Not my fault you got knocked up love! Don’t get me wrong, I always help a woman with a pram down the stairs on the tube, try to be as civil and help out as much as possible. Its just pisses me off when they demand it.

Case in point: Yesterday i was crossing the road at Hammersmith. As always, some driver knobs had jumped the traffic light and were stopped right in the middle of the really busy pedestrian crossing, hindering people from getting across. People filed through the gangway between the cars until some pikey single mum came along started going mental – “I can’t believe it! I’ve got a fucking baby ‘ere! For fuck’s sake!” and barged her way through. Now, if she had just asked people to please move aside, I’m sure everyone would understand and oblige. But no, the whole world has to revolve around her and her stupid baby. What makes you so special love? YOU have a baby. I don’t. It is YOUR problem. I’ll help out if you’re civil to me. If not, you and your baby can fuck off.

Another case: I was driving in Shepherds Bush, well under the speed limit (traffic) and turned a corner. This stupid woman with a pram just steps out right in front of me, baby first, and I had to slam the brakes on. She glared at me, pointed to her pram, then carried on crossing the road (incidentally, not at a pedestrian crossing, which would seem an obvious place to cross if you had a pram).I see women (and sometimes men) crossing the road all the time, running across the road with their prams because they can’t be bothered waiting at the crossing. Now, I can understand if you do it by yourself, but with a pram?! A pram is not a carte blanche to be a prick.


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