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Red Hot Chilli Peppers Disband! Hooray!

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FINALLY! Red Hot Chilli Peppers have disbanded. Unfortunately it’s only for a year. Then they’ll come back and churn out some more pop rock radio wank, which was a shadow of their earlier work (which I think is overrated anyway).

Why not pursue some career paths other like producing, which every fading rock star seems to be doing these days?

 Go away and never come back!!


What a plum.

Some good albums to check out!

Posted in listening to, music by bandsxbass on May 21, 2008

 The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited OST: Cracking album full of Western feelgood tunes, like The Kinks and The Rolling Stones as well as some great Indian music (the film is set in India), mostly scores from other films. A very interesting listen.


The Sound the Hare Heard

The Sound The Hare Heard: A great compliation containing mostly unreleased tracks from US Punk label Kill All Rock Stars. But a punk album this is not. Centred around mostly singer songwriter acoustic stuff, its a really great chillaxed album. Highlights include Colin Meloy and Laura Veirs. Sweet artwork too.
Santogold: You’ve probably seen posters for this album around the streets with its rather bizarre artwork that I can’t decide if I like or not. Dubby, Beatsy, Breaksy awesomeness from the American MC who supported Bjork last year and just signed to Atlantic. Bangin’ 
Colin Meloy Sings Live!
Colin Meloy Sings Live: Lead singer/songwriter for The Decembrists goes acoustic for this recorded show. It was always going to be amazing really wasn’t it? I love live albums…
New Ancient Strings
Toumani Diabate & Ballake Sissiko: New Ancient Strings: I hadn’t heard of this guy before this album, but heard that it was played on the Kora, an african stringed instrument which have heard played live and its beautiful. It’s a bit like a harp, but played like a flamenco guitar. Perfect Sunday morning wake up music.
This is what a kora looks like:
and here’s Toumani playing one:
To be continued….
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The Wisdom of Nico Hayes

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When I was at school I was good friends with a certain individual named Nico Hayes. This guy had us crying with laughter every coach journey to and from school with his insane sense of humour and twisted logic. Today I was clearing out some old books and I came across an old notebook containing some of Nico’s mad scribblings, which imagine were written during our History class as there are some notes about Homesteaders and Railways on the other side.

Here is what he wrote. I’m not saying I agree with it, but it was damn funny at the time!

Men make better comedians than women: i.e. Bobby Davro is better than Jo Brand.

Women make the dinner and pleasure the men whereas men are the top [illegible scrawling]

All the great filmmakers are men i.e. Scorcese and Hitchcock. Penelope Sanders directed the Problem Child trilogy.

Men usually have larger hands than women so they can carry more Smarties. Women get skidmarks more often.

Lollypop men are better than lollypop women because they have bigger hands.

Men are far better actors i.e. Marlon Brando and Mr Belding from Saved By the Bell.

Men make better mothers because they don’t waste all their time playing cricket.

All locksmiths and cobblers are men. All farmers are men.

Men are best at sport. Apart from hockey.

Many great individuals were men i.e. Rupert The Bear, Bernard Manning, Luke Aikman, Patrick Duffy and Margaret Thatcher.”

Absolute bollocks of course. But hilarious!



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A great blog!

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Those who know me will know how much I hate the Daily Mail and to a marginally lesser extent, the Daily Express. Both are horrible bigoted conservative rags that spread hate around the country. I have nothing against people who read the papers (my mum reads the Mail and my Grandad read the Express!), but I hate their style of sensationalist journalism – read my other blog on the Daily Mail and the Emo scene for a good example of this.

What really gets me is when they publish a story on something they clearly know absolutely sod all about, creating needless panic among housewives and grandads nationwide. Therefore I urge you all to check out a blog called The Enemies Of Reason, a great blog which intelligently takes apart Daily Mail stories and exposes them for what most of them are: A PACK OF LIES!!!

Check it out here, subscribe to it if you have RSS feeds or Google Reader:

And if you want some good listening while you read it, I’ve been getting really into an American band called The Decembrists. Apparently pretty big in the States, but not here in Europe. The album ‘Picaresque’ is a good start.


A x

This week I have been mostly listening to… Part 2

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  • ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Death Cab for Cutie – Narrow stairs (album)


  • Blue Oyster Cult – Super Hits (album), Don’t Fear The Reaper
  • Patsy Cline – Three  Cigarettes (In An Ashtray)
  • Band of Horses – Is There A Ghost
  • Rocket From The Crypt – All Systems Go (album), RIP (album)
  • Kimya Dawson  – Remember That I Love You (album)
  • Pete Rock & CL Smooth – The Main Ingredient (album)
  • The Decembrists – Picaresque (album)
  • Be your own PET – Be Your Own PET (album)
  • Yeasayer – All Hour Symbals (album)
  • The Orb – Orblivion (album)
  • Battles  – EP C (album)
  • The Knife – The Knife (album)
  • Portishead – Three (album)
  • Johnny Flynn – The Box, Leftovers, Hello Hello
  • Babel OST (album)
  • King Tubby – Selected Hits (album)
  • The Pinchers – Agony
  • Alpha Beat – Digital Love
  • The Small Faces – Lazy Sunday
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
  • Colin Meloy – Sing Live (album) especially Red Right Ankle
  • HeartsRevolution – CYOA (album)
  • Frank Turner

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