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Posted in bullshit, daily mail, idiots, news by bandsxbass on May 19, 2008

Those who know me will know how much I hate the Daily Mail and to a marginally lesser extent, the Daily Express. Both are horrible bigoted conservative rags that spread hate around the country. I have nothing against people who read the papers (my mum reads the Mail and my Grandad read the Express!), but I hate their style of sensationalist journalism – read my other blog on the Daily Mail and the Emo scene for a good example of this.

What really gets me is when they publish a story on something they clearly know absolutely sod all about, creating needless panic among housewives and grandads nationwide. Therefore I urge you all to check out a blog called The Enemies Of Reason, a great blog which intelligently takes apart Daily Mail stories and exposes them for what most of them are: A PACK OF LIES!!!

Check it out here, subscribe to it if you have RSS feeds or Google Reader:

And if you want some good listening while you read it, I’ve been getting really into an American band called The Decembrists. Apparently pretty big in the States, but not here in Europe. The album ‘Picaresque’ is a good start.


A x

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