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Gigs + tall people

Posted in Uncategorized by bandsxbass on January 14, 2009


As a tall man who attends a lot of gigs I feel I should present my case. If its a gig i’m not massively bothered about then I always stand at the back , or at least not in front of loads of people.

But if its a band i’ve been waiting for ages to go see, then why can’t I go and stand nearer in? If I do this, I always get there early so as not to obstuct people’s views. If I’m there well before the gig starts, then people have plenty of time to stand somewhere else and still enjoy the show.

Recent example – I travelled from London to Paris to go see one of my favourite bands (Tryo I got there well before the gig started and stood still towards the back, but about 2/3rds in. I wasn’t obstructing anyone’s view when I got there. Then some French girl rocks up behind me and starts huffing and puffing about how she can’t see. I was there way before her and she could have simply gone and stood somewhere else. I asked nicely if she wanted to go in front of me, and she said no, as she had loads of bags with her. Not my problem! I tried to accomodate her, and she didn’t accept because she was silly enough to bring two bags to a gig.

If I’ve travelled from another country to see a gig, and spent loads of my hard earned cash, then do I still never get a chance to get up close to the action? Doesn’t seem very fair to me! As a regular gig goer, i’m obviously aware of my height, but to be honest, if its my favourite band and I’ve been waiting to see them for ages, I’ll stand where I bloody want. I’ll make an effort – ask if someone behind me wants to go in front, stand near other tall people, not standd in front really short people etc. but it works both ways.

If you’re standing behind a tall person at a gig, don’t just assume they’re selfish because they are tall and at a gig.

Either move or simply ask if you can go in front of them.

End of.

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