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Weird Spam

Posted in Uncategorized by bandsxbass on May 19, 2009

I get a lot of weird spam in my Inbox, as I’m sure everyone does. It’s usually something to do with Viagra (“Panties off, Lavigne!”, “Don’t be afraid of your little man anymore!”“) or fake Rolex watches (“Truly dope, ditch your fakie!“).

Here’s an especially weird one I got this morning. Maybe its a real email and they really do want to tell me that “we ate corned beef and cabbage with irish soda bread last night.“.

What are they even selling?! Who writes these things?

and the fact that she’s 31 makes me happy to be 31.

my homekeeping secrets

may the light always find you on a dreary day.

and i love it (thanks, coco).

but so worth it.

let’s give a hand to the world, for everything it can do!!

simple is always prettiest to me.

she’ll be here friday and saturday april 3rd and 4th, and she’ll be taking appointments for all day/ night both days at my house.

(so is corned beef if you’ve never tried it).

i am trying to be a patient, kind mom.

i love her style.

and it’s so yummy

my happy plans for this evening include knitting and watching two favorite movies: far and away followed by tristan and isolde

she’s cute

i made this one for a gift, but i’ve already cast on another for moi.

you’ve gotta love people with humor like that.

we ate corned beef and cabbage with irish soda bread last night in preparation for the day of the irish.

like this one, from sweet mary, that she left on the clean room post: “Your house seems so organized.


last minute trip to idaho to see my sister- so much better than home blogging!


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