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Festivals flags f**k off: A one minute hate from The Evil Uncle

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festival flags

So Glastonbury was this weekend – some good bands playing there, but I’m not that bothered. Why? Because even if you went, I doubt you would actually see any bands for all the bleedin’ flags that the crowd wave  for the bigger bands.

Consider the photo above. I can see like two people on that stage.

Why do they do it? To show where they are from ? Ok good, wave it for a song or two, then take it down. I went to Download Festival a few weeks ago and gave up on a couple of bands as I couldn’t see a thing. Do they do it so they don’t get lost from their mates? How about “I will meet you by the Mexican food stand at 7pm“? Not hard.

Do bands realise how much this is pissing some members of the crowd [me] off? I play in an up and coming band , and we’re even playing a few festivals this summer. Obviously we’re not at the level of playing Glasto main stage but if we ever are, and I see a million flags in the audience, I’m going to refuse to play a note until people put down the flags and watch the music. Maybe we could create some kind of ninja star and sling it out into the audience slicing up all their stupid teatowels on sticks. I believe we have people like this to blame.

I’d love to get some bands’ opinions on this. Also from festival goers too. Do you also hate festival flags?

flags 2

Demented Vinyl!

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animal kwackers

This has just appeared in our office!

Upstairs at The Fellow

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Everyone guns the iPhone camera, but there’s an application called ‘Camerabag’ which puts ace filters on the photos.

This is of some pals upstairs at The Fellow.


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They are of course confusing Frank Turner and Frank Carter.

nme fail

This scene always cracks me up

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String Quartet Tribute to The Smiths

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This is probably just for sad loserface Smiths fans like me, but really nice if you are!

A String Quartet version of This Charming Man!

How Soon Is Now

If anyone is thinking off getting married, I urge you to walk down the aisle to these. Fuck what the rents will think!

Shedloads of similar stuff from other bands here like Jimi Hendrix aand Pink Floyd and even a String Quartet version of Paramore!

Ace BMTH photo!

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BMTH-© Gianluigi Riva

Nintendo Vs Sega Party with Popes of Chillitown!

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nin vs segaSo its official. Popes of Chillitown, The Second Line and friends bring you THE party of the summer with bands 8-11 and free clubnight after till 2am! Here’s the deal:

Nintendo is awesome. Sega is (was?) awesome. If you are reading this, you are also awesome. So let’s bring our awesomeness together and have a massive party in Camden on August 7th 2009!

The theme is Nintendo Vs Sega. Dress up like a character from the consoles from back in the day – Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Ecco The Dolphin, Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, Sttreet Fighter – the list is endless. You could probably get away with characters from other cartoons and computer games but you won’t be as cool as the true Nintendo/Sega crew.

Below are some pics to get your creative juices flowing – if those nerds can do it then so can we! There will probably be some kind of prize for best outfit if we can sort something good for that. You have all summer to think about it so get cracking!

Ska Indie types POPES OF CHILLITOWN will be playing, recently signed to Silver Street Records. Super fun skanking times guaranteed. Check back for more wicked supports to be confirmed very soon!

Indie rockers The Second Line will rock your Mario moustaches off too!
Facebook event here:

Oh dear Phil

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I mean, he’s not really convincing anyone that he’s not a insane murderer with that hair is he?

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