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Festivals flags f**k off: A one minute hate from The Evil Uncle

Posted in Uncategorized by bandsxbass on June 30, 2009

festival flags

So Glastonbury was this weekend – some good bands playing there, but I’m not that bothered. Why? Because even if you went, I doubt you would actually see any bands for all the bleedin’ flags that the crowd wave  for the bigger bands.

Consider the photo above. I can see like two people on that stage.

Why do they do it? To show where they are from ? Ok good, wave it for a song or two, then take it down. I went to Download Festival a few weeks ago and gave up on a couple of bands as I couldn’t see a thing. Do they do it so they don’t get lost from their mates? How about “I will meet you by the Mexican food stand at 7pm“? Not hard.

Do bands realise how much this is pissing some members of the crowd [me] off? I play in an up and coming band , and we’re even playing a few festivals this summer. Obviously we’re not at the level of playing Glasto main stage but if we ever are, and I see a million flags in the audience, I’m going to refuse to play a note until people put down the flags and watch the music. Maybe we could create some kind of ninja star and sling it out into the audience slicing up all their stupid teatowels on sticks. I believe we have people like this to blame.

I’d love to get some bands’ opinions on this. Also from festival goers too. Do you also hate festival flags?

flags 2

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