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Nintendo Vs Sega Party 7th August, London: A Costume Guide

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nintendo-vs-sega-vwersion-4So we’ve had news of some great outfits for the Nintendo Vs Sega Party so far – a Chun Li and Blanca couple (Street Fighter II), James Bond (Goldeneye) and Rayden (Mortal Kombat) have all been confirmed.

There is also now the fantastic prize of a MEGA DRIVE CONSOLE for the best costume! This will be announced by the Popes Of Chillitown after their set.

For those of you not so familiar with Sega and Nintendo, don’t worry – you can still dress up! Below are some classic Sega and Nintendo games,  with suggestions for costumes – we can’t all be Mario you know!

Luckily SEGA totally cashed in on the sport/film video game market and made a game for pretty much every big action film of the 90s!

If you need a good fancy dress shop in Camden, there’s a place callled Escapade down the road from the Dublin Castle. Click here.


Shinobi was a real Sega classic and is fndly remembered.

COSTUME – Dress as a ninja – easy! Black cloth, armbands, aand face mask covering your face up to your nose…

shinobi 3


There had to be a Terminator game eh?

COSTUME – Leather Jacket, dark clothes, sunglases, bit of make up on the face if you like



Loads of tennis games on the SNES and Mega Drive

COSTUME – white shirt/shorts, headband, tennis racket, tennis balls



A classic Mega Drive army game and The Evil Uncle’s personal favourite old school classic!

COSTUME: Army uniform, helmet, guns, green beret, belts, hand grenades, camo shirts/trousers, white vests, cigars, camo make up, bandanas etc.

canoon foddeer


BASKETBALL! NBA Jam was a classic SEGA game and another Evil Uncle favourite! BOOM SHAKA LAKA!

COSTUME – Easy! Basketball shorts/vest, white shoes basketball.

nba jam


For those who like things a bit gothic, there were lots of Addams Family games on Nintendo and Sega consoles!

COSTUME: Depends on the character, lots of black – dresses, wigs, heels, suits, white makeup, stuff like that – use your imagination!

addams family


Great game, cool costumes! On both Nintendo and Sega costumes

COSTUME: Zombie always a good fancy dress – lots of make up, old clothes, fake blood!



Remember that the King of Pop also had a Sega game, so show your love for the King Of Pop! RIP MJ you FUCKING legen

Costume: Too many to mention! He had lots of styles over the years – Red jackets, zombie (Thriller), black and gold jacket, white glove – the list goes on!

For a list of loads of Nintendo games for inspiration, click here

For a list of Sega games, click here

Here’s some more awesome characters!

lotsa charactgers

Girls remember there’s a female Sonic called Amy Rose!


If you don’t know, this is what it’s all about! For the Facebook event click here

Facebook Third Party Advertisers using YOUR photos!

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Facebook has agreed to let third party advertisers use your posted pictures without your permission.

This is frankly wrong – if you would like to find out how to limit this, follow the steps below:

Click on “Settings” up at the top where you see the “Logout” link. Select “Privacy”. Then select “News Feed and Wall”. Next, select the tab that reads “Facebook Ads”. In the drop down box, select “No One”.

Then save your changes.

Do it now. Help your friends…cut and paste this into your status…

The Evil Uncle DJ Mixtape 1

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YES! Ska, Funk, Punk, Reggae, Electro, Northern Soul, Rock and Roll, Indie, 70s pop, The Smiths.

NO! Amy Winehouse, Aerosmith, Garage, Cheese, R&B.



  1. Timebox – Beggin’
  2. The Velvettes – Needle In A Haystack
  3. Maceo & The Macks – Cross The Tracks
  4. Jorge Ben – Take It Easy My Brother Charles
  5. The Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom
  6. Naughty By Nature – OPP
  7. Eddie Cochran – C’mon Everybody
  8. Gene Vincent – Rip It Up
  9. Paul Simon – Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
  10. Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady
  11. Tony Clarke – Landslide
  12. Spanky Wilson + Quantic – Don’t Joke With A Hungry Man
  13. Bob & Earl – Harlem Shuffle
  14. The Clash – Train In Vain
  15. Bo Diddley – We’re Gonna Get Married
  16. Florence And The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Jamie T and Ben Bones Remix)
  17. Gang Of Four – I Love A Man In Uniform (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Remix)
  18. Ladyhawke – My Delirium
  19. Mystery Jets – Young Love (The Shoes Remix)

Your pal,

The Evil Uncle x


Moonwalker on the SEGA Genesis

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I was not at all aware of this game back in the day but it looks ace! It’s perhaps a bit worrying that you have to search for kids in cupboards who follow you around and shout ‘MICHAEL! MICHAEL!’.

My favourite bit is the end where your special move is to make all the enemies dance to Smooth Criminal then they all die. Either that or the bit where Bubbles jumps on your head and shoots people.

Amazing! I wonder what a Michael Jackson game on the Nintendo Wii would involve?

I have also just beeen sent a version of this game. Yes! You can play Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker  here


mJ and bubbles

Might wanna spread them newsletters out a bit Vice/Platform!

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Now it’s quite clear that the two magazines are pretty similar.  Platform probably pips Vice to the post with the online, whereas Vice is abetter physical read in my opinions. Nothing can beat the Do’s and Don’ts.

Both send you newsletters about their wacky adventures, and it was only when I got their newsletters back to back that  it truly clicked how similar they are! MAKE YOUR CHOICE! Are you Platform or Vice?

vice platform