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London Ska Indie dudes, and friends of The Evil Uncle, POPES OF CHILLITOWN have recorded and posted TWO awesome new tracks onto their MySpace – I SEE DUB PEOPLE and FREE MAN. Check them out here:

They have loads of gigs coming up, so make sure you check them out live!

25th Sept 09         The Providence,                                                               Brighton

7th Oct 09             Roadtrip, Old Street, (with A Tower Of Sheep)   London

8th Oct 09             The Legion, Old Street, (With The Second Line)  London

10th Oct 09           The Ocean Rooms, (With Samsara)                           Brighton

18th Oct 09         12 Bar Blues, Soho, (With Truebeat)                    London

25th Oct 09         Oxjam@The Coalition,                                        Brighton

29th Oct 09         Water Rats, Kings Cross (with Scarlet & Viva)       London

7th Nov 09          Old Nick’s Tavern                                               Lincoln


NEW BMTH Suicide Season Cut Up Album Artwork Revealed – out Nov 2nd in UK/Europe/Australia

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THELONDONPAPER is dead! Rejoice!

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london papaer 1

That’s right, TheLondonPaper is running it’s last issue today! No longer will you be stalked by men in purple jackets, who look all rejected when you say no to taking a copy of the free paper! Now it will just be guys in yellow jackets.

No longer will you get your informative news about important subjects to read on the Tube… oh no wait a sec… more like no more dogs on skateboards that you can show your boss who will cut it out and put it on their wall! On page 3 for fucks sake!

My grudge with the paper is that it poses as a newspaper but is in fact mostly about last night’s TV and whether or not Amy Winehouse is going to show up to her own Birthday bash.

Is this news? Really? CELEBRITY IN GOING TO A CLUB AND COMING OUT A BIT LATER SHOCKER! At least have the decency to OD or something!

londonpapaer 1

You could argue that it’s free, so why not read it – better than looking out the window at a dark tunnel. I’d rather try and find the repeating patterns in the seats. If you don’t agree, there’s still London Lite and Metro, the former being the biggest pile of wank I have ever laid my eyes on. If you don’t agree, then YOU are why Jordan and Peter Andre are still making headlines.

jorda n ok

Sometimes I fucking hate this country.

Some pics from BMTH Converse Signing at Lowlands, The Netherlands

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Pics from Suburban.




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Never ones to do as expected, Sheffield metallers BRING ME THE HORIZON have had their critically acclaimed second album SUICIDE SEASON (“Being told to f**k off never sounded so good. KKKK” – Kerrang) completely remixed by the cream of the current music scene. Highlights include a remix by legendary British producers UTAH SAINTS (whose Something Good single was Radio One’s most played track of 2008), the uber trendy L’AMOUR LA MORGUE, M. SHAWN CRAHAN, TRAVIS McCOY and TOXIC AVENGER, as well as hotly tipped new producers KC BLITZ and ROBOT SONICS.

Like many great ideas, the concept was born from a bit of fun: “It all started because I had a friend who is into producing electro and I asked him if he wanted to remix one of our songs,” says vocalist Oli Sykes “We were stoked on the end result and I thought it would be awesome if we could get every song remixed! We told our label and managers about the idea and they thought it was a good one. From there, we came up with a list of people we would love to remix our songs and started mailing them.”

The result is a true mashup of genres, including DUBSTEP (Sleep With One Eye Open – Tek One), ELECTRO (The Comedown – Robot Sonics, Chelsea Smile – KC Blitz ), BREAKS (The Sadness Will Never End – Sonny Moore), DRUM AND BASS (It Was Written In Blood – L’Amour La Morgue), HIP HOP (Chelsea Smile – Travis McCoy) and more. “To be honest, there’s not a track on there that really sounds like the original,” Oli continues. “What’s great though is the diversity of each song.The reissued CD will also contain the original version of the Suicide Season album with exclusive live videos of the band in Siberia.

BRING ME THE HORIZON tour the UK in late October and November 09.

See for full tourdates.

01. The Comedown (RobotSonics)
02. Chelsea Smile (KC Blitz)
03. It Was Written In Blood (L’Amour La Morgue)
04. Death Breath (Toxic Avenger)
05. Football Season Is Over (After The Night)
06. Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek One)
07. Diamonds Aren’t Forever (I Haunt Wizards)
08. The Sadness Will Never End (Sonny Moore)
09. No Need For Introductions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You On The Back Of Toilet Doors (Benjamin Weinman, Dillinger Escape Plan)
10. Suicide Season (The Secret Handshake)
11. Football Season Is Over (Utah Saints)
12. Sleep With One Eye Open (M. Shawn Crahan)
13. Chelsea Smile (Travis McCoy)
14. Suicide Season (Outcry Collective)


Recommendation Fail

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Yeah thanks for recommending this to me tonight Last.Fm – looks awesome!


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