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THELONDONPAPER is dead! Rejoice!

Posted in Uncategorized by bandsxbass on September 18, 2009

london papaer 1

That’s right, TheLondonPaper is running it’s last issue today! No longer will you be stalked by men in purple jackets, who look all rejected when you say no to taking a copy of the free paper! Now it will just be guys in yellow jackets.

No longer will you get your informative news about important subjects to read on the Tube… oh no wait a sec… more like no more dogs on skateboards that you can show your boss who will cut it out and put it on their wall! On page 3 for fucks sake!

My grudge with the paper is that it poses as a newspaper but is in fact mostly about last night’s TV and whether or not Amy Winehouse is going to show up to her own Birthday bash.

Is this news? Really? CELEBRITY IN GOING TO A CLUB AND COMING OUT A BIT LATER SHOCKER! At least have the decency to OD or something!

londonpapaer 1

You could argue that it’s free, so why not read it – better than looking out the window at a dark tunnel. I’d rather try and find the repeating patterns in the seats. If you don’t agree, there’s still London Lite and Metro, the former being the biggest pile of wank I have ever laid my eyes on. If you don’t agree, then YOU are why Jordan and Peter Andre are still making headlines.

jorda n ok

Sometimes I fucking hate this country.

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