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Four kickass blogs I found when I should have been doing something more constructive

Posted in Uncategorized by bandsxbass on October 2, 2009

This first is Skull Swap! Apparently  run by “a  female comedian trying to make it in NYC…at least until 2012″ but don’t let that put you off. It features loads of random amazing crap, from all over the net. Here’s a selection of the best stuff I found yesterday. Click here to see the blog in full!
mario gif

diamon catcalvin

unicorn gif

The second is a bit more normal – silly stuff from the internet, but still some absolute amazingly killer stuff like Verticat! Check out Buzzfeed here.



Number three is Beware there’s a crosseyed Cyclops in My Basement”  which is basically just an comics upload site. Some of the stuff on there is so old school and amazing, and great for inspiration if you are a creative type. I especially like the old movie comics from the 50s and the horror stuff.

The best bit is that it’s not just random jpegs (ahem… like my blog), but in fact uploads of the entire comic! You have to grab a Comic Book Reader thing from the net, but they are easy to find and free! Stuff like this really shows why the internet is amazing, it would take someone years to find all this stuff at car boot sales and collectors sales. Here it all is in one click!

1000 jokes


20,00 leaguesa team

prize comics


And finally, perhaps my new favourite is MONSTER BRAINS. Following my theme of monster comics and cartoons, it has some really killer stuff, including the arcade game cabinets, and old instructions manual,  some of which are below. Check it out here!

altered beast


centipede 1

ghost town

space incaders


lord of king

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