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Nerd Glasses

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Even if she was a dick, I’d still marry her.

I’m a right sucker for girls in nerd glasses:

nerd glasses

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Porn documentary

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Ok, so it’s quite sinister that my last post was about a kitten falling around, and that this one is about porn, but here is a really interesting documentary focusing on people’s first experiences with pornography. It’s quite slow to load, but worthwhile. I advise skipping the Asian/English/American guy who is about 10 mins in, as he is well annoying and his accent is really affected.

Anyways, enjoy – props to Tetteh for the link. I tried to embed it, but didn’t work, so just click here for the link.

Immigration yeah? Asylum seekers are bad innit

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This is reposting from Enemies of Reason – I strongly urge you to check this blog out, its a great read. Great spot Anton! This post really made my day, let me know if you want me to take down.

BNP flyer distributed around the UK:
bnp flyer

Stolen from iStockphoto images website:

And who is he shaking hands with here?:
doctor 2

Pwahahaha! How can they have missed this?

The BNP truly are thick as shit aren’t they?

Kerry Katona “celebrated her divorce by downing shots”

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Iceland Mums and OK favourite Kerry Katona hits the the sauce to drown her sorrows. Maybe I had her all wrong?

Theatre Quotes

Posted in bullshit, daily mail, idiots, news by bandsxbass on June 19, 2008
I’ve always been a bit dubious of the ‘quotes’ that are slapped across film posters and theatre adverts. Having worked in PR myself, I know how annoying it is to have something reviewed badly and be stuck for press quotes. I’ve used the good quotes from an average review before, sure, that’s the job…
But this is ridiculous. Here are some quotes from the newspapers’ [bad] reviews of some West End shows and the quotes that were subsequently put on the posters/promotional material….

Daily Mail respond to the ‘Emo Suicide cult’ article backlash

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Angry Emo kids gathered outside the Daily Mail offices to protest against the paper’s treatment of the scene last Saturday. They were particularly outraged by the article concerning the recent suicide of a 13 year old, an issue previously explored in this blog. Here’s the Daily Mail’s reponse to the backlash to the article. What a bunch of arseholes!

The Daily Mail’s coverage of the ‘Emo’ movement has been balanced, restrained and above all, in the public interest. Genuine concerns were raised at the inquest earlier this month on 13 year old emo follower Hannah Bond who had been self-harming and then tragically killed herself,”

“In common with other newspapers we ran an accurate news story recording the Coroner’s remarks and the parents’ comments. We also published two other articles, one of which explained the background to the Hannah tragedy in calm and un-sensational language.

“The other was a first person opinion piece by a well-known writer, written from the perspective of a mother concerned for her children. We have also run two prominent page lead letters from an emo music fan and from a fan of My Chemical Romance defending their point of view.

“Our music critic admires the music of the band and publicised the band’s UK tour last year. Since this protest was announced a great deal of misinformation has appeared on the internet, much of which confuses what the Daily Mail has actually published with the comments of website readers and ‘blogs’ over which we have no control and which have stirred up emotions.

“We note it has been pointed out by others that all this provides wonderful publicity for Warners and their impending release of My Chemical Romance’s latest album.”

“The Daily Mail is a broad church and is always ready to listen to the views of readers. We do, however, suggest those who want to protest or comment read everything we have published and act on fact not rumour.”

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Red Hot Chilli Peppers Disband! Hooray!

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FINALLY! Red Hot Chilli Peppers have disbanded. Unfortunately it’s only for a year. Then they’ll come back and churn out some more pop rock radio wank, which was a shadow of their earlier work (which I think is overrated anyway).

Why not pursue some career paths other like producing, which every fading rock star seems to be doing these days?

 Go away and never come back!!


What a plum.

The Wisdom of Nico Hayes

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When I was at school I was good friends with a certain individual named Nico Hayes. This guy had us crying with laughter every coach journey to and from school with his insane sense of humour and twisted logic. Today I was clearing out some old books and I came across an old notebook containing some of Nico’s mad scribblings, which imagine were written during our History class as there are some notes about Homesteaders and Railways on the other side.

Here is what he wrote. I’m not saying I agree with it, but it was damn funny at the time!

Men make better comedians than women: i.e. Bobby Davro is better than Jo Brand.

Women make the dinner and pleasure the men whereas men are the top [illegible scrawling]

All the great filmmakers are men i.e. Scorcese and Hitchcock. Penelope Sanders directed the Problem Child trilogy.

Men usually have larger hands than women so they can carry more Smarties. Women get skidmarks more often.

Lollypop men are better than lollypop women because they have bigger hands.

Men are far better actors i.e. Marlon Brando and Mr Belding from Saved By the Bell.

Men make better mothers because they don’t waste all their time playing cricket.

All locksmiths and cobblers are men. All farmers are men.

Men are best at sport. Apart from hockey.

Many great individuals were men i.e. Rupert The Bear, Bernard Manning, Luke Aikman, Patrick Duffy and Margaret Thatcher.”

Absolute bollocks of course. But hilarious!



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A great blog!

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Those who know me will know how much I hate the Daily Mail and to a marginally lesser extent, the Daily Express. Both are horrible bigoted conservative rags that spread hate around the country. I have nothing against people who read the papers (my mum reads the Mail and my Grandad read the Express!), but I hate their style of sensationalist journalism – read my other blog on the Daily Mail and the Emo scene for a good example of this.

What really gets me is when they publish a story on something they clearly know absolutely sod all about, creating needless panic among housewives and grandads nationwide. Therefore I urge you all to check out a blog called The Enemies Of Reason, a great blog which intelligently takes apart Daily Mail stories and exposes them for what most of them are: A PACK OF LIES!!!

Check it out here, subscribe to it if you have RSS feeds or Google Reader:

And if you want some good listening while you read it, I’ve been getting really into an American band called The Decembrists. Apparently pretty big in the States, but not here in Europe. The album ‘Picaresque’ is a good start.


A x