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West London Bass Club – Notting Hill Carnival After Party at Ginglik – 28th August 2011

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Here’s the info for the party I am throwing on 28th August at Ginglik in London. If you’re looking for something to do after the Notting Hill Carnival, you could a lot worse than coming to this!!

West London Bass Club returns to Ginglik for a very special Carnival after party on Bank Holiday Sunday 28th August. Expect banging Reggae, Dub, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop and Dubstep.

High Rankin + KC Blitz + Evil T + The Evil Uncles + We Did Music
£6 before 10pm / £8 after / 7pm-4am

High Rankin – The man behind modern dubstep classics such as Meow Meow ( and Don’t Act Like A Rude Boy When Daddy’s Got A Yacht ( makes his Ginglik debut for a very special Carnival party set. Expect filthy Dubstep beats and basslines with a uniquely humorous twist.

KC Blitz – Fresh from acclaimed remixes for Boxer Rebellion, White Russia and Bring me the Horizon, West London native KC BLITZ will also be playing a party mashup of Beats, Breaks, Dubstep, Electro and Drum and Bass. He may be wearing a Kigu costume if you’re lucky.

Evil T – Another West London native, Evil T will be bringing the noise in the form of Dubstep, Jungle, Remixes, Drum and Bass, and anything big and dirty. He replaces DJ Selva.

The Evil Uncles – WLBC residents bring the Dub, Reggae, Roots, Rocksteady and Ska jams so you better get up on your feet, put your braces together and and your boots on your feet and give it some of that old school moon stomping!

We Did Music – A collection of British Hip Hop MCs and producers.

Pictures of the aftermath of the Ealing Riots aftermath

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My family whom I am staying with at the moment live in South Ealing. When I got back home around 11pm it became increasingly clear that the rioting had progressed to Ealing Broadway. Rumours of buildings being set ablaze and cars being smashed in started on Twitter and on BBC and Sky News.

My mum and I stayed up watching the news till late. At around 12.30am some kids actually ran down my road and started throwing rubbish bags around on the streets. My dad called us up to the top floor and we saw smoke bellowing from the Ealing Broadway direction – you can just see it as the dark smoke in this picture:

As the BBC and Sky had strarted recylcing footage on the riots and there didn’t seem to be any more actual news available, I went to bed around 1am, to wake up news reports of small business owners who I actually know being interviewed about their shop windows being smashed. It seems most of the damage is around Ealing studios, Bond Street, Haven Green and West Ealing.

There didn’t seem to be much information online about how hard Ealing was hit, so I decided to take some pictures to show both Ealing and non Ealing types what the hell is actually going on!

Aracadia Centre, Ealing Broadway – apparently all the shops inside were looted. Traffic cone still lodged in the window!

Burnt out cars opposite Ealing Studios:

The Walpole, South Ealing – windows smashed in:

Eatalian’s near Disraeli Rd – windows smashed in:

87 bus windows smashed in and being towed away near Bond Street

Corner Shop near Bond Street – first floor windows smashed in, second floor burnt:

Bottom of Bond Street/Ealing Green:

Chinese takeaway on Ealing Green – Sky News reporting out front:

Electrical shop on Bond Street – the shop front was still smashed in, not cordoned off and all the stock at the front was still there for the taking:

Haven Green near Ealing Broadway station seemed to be the worst hit in the area – most shop fronts completely smashed, some shops closed, some shops staying open (like the hairdressers who had no front window!):

A black car was pulled up in the middle of the pavement with front and back windows smashed in. Strangely there was no police at all in this particular area:

Scary stuff! Let’s hope this is the end of it and it doesn’t continue tonight!

I now have a tumblr

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I was getting pissed off with the way WordPress edits pictures so I have given up (pretty much) and now post mostly on tumblr.

Check it out at:

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fuckyeahahsatan:  lmao

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Fuck yeah

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Jennifer’s Body Vs True Blood

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Has no one noticed the similarities between these two promo posters yet? Somebody call the lawyers!

And it seems that they were both ripped off an Angelina Jolie GQ photo shoot!

I love you but I’ve chosen darkness

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I love this video – so dark and evil. I’ve watched it loads and I still don’t fully understand it. It’s  not their best song, which is in my opinion ‘When You Go Out’, video below too!

‘Excellent… Now I need its skin’

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The Animal Show does not and never will condone violence against any creature on the Earth. But, c'mon dudes, it's Tintin!

Tintin how could you?!?

A bizarre scene from Tintin In The Congo, where our hero shoots a monkey out of a tree and climbs into his skin, so that he can creep up on another monkey and rescue Snowy. Dodgy

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i love the internet

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because you randomly come across videos like this while looking for something else

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